Color and conservative of arts


          Silpakorn University has its root in the area of fine arts and it is a leading university in art and design. The Department of Chemistry recognizes the importance of integrating basic knowledge in chemistry and applying it in the field of art to be a source of knowledge and to promote the identity of the university, teaching and learning in related areas, and for further development in various fields. Research in the Department of Chemistry that integrates knowledge of chemistry with art such as:

  • Research on color and color product development. Examples are water, acrylic and oil paints for students and artists. Production of quality paints at an affordable price provides an alternative choice for students to reduce the cost instead of using imported paints. Research and development of natural color and their production process aims to bring traditional wisdom to further develop products and innovations such as colors used in cosmetic products, biodegradable plastic packaging, and toys for children, color printing techniques on various surfaces such as different types of fabrics. These products are consumer- and environmental- friendly.

  • Research on art and cultural heritage preservation includes research work in various areas. For example, characterization of traditional materials used in the creation of artworks such as mural paintings and other cultural objects, research on traditional techniques and materials in Thai craftsmen. The aim is to preserve the traditional knowledge and wisdom as well as for further development, such as the development of tamarind seed glue product, traditionally used in Thai painting, that is convenient to use and can be stored for a long time, synthetic polymer glues for painting, and development of coating materials to prevent biodeterioration of the tiles used to decorate the stupa. There are also exhibitions and basic training sessions on the application of knowledge of chemistry in conservation work.