Dr. Chantana Wainiphithapong

Email: chantana@su.ac.th, chantana.chem@gmail.com

Room: 4210/5 Science Building 4

Tel.: 034-109686 ext. 207316

Website: -


Ph.D. (Forensic Science and Criminal Justice) Silpakorn University, Thailand

M.Sc. (Physical Chemistry) Chiang Mai University, Thailand

B.Sc. (Education in Chemistry) Prince of Songkla University, Thailand

Research Interest:

Metal ion sensors, surface chemistry


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  • Praikaew, P., Duangdeetip, T., Chimpalee, N., Wainiphithapong, C., Swanglap, P., Wanichacheva, N. (2015). “Colorimetric sensor for detection of Hg2+ in aqueous samples utilizing rhodamine B hydrazide-modified silica.” Materials Express, 5: 300-308. (ISI, SCOPUS)

  • Pengthamkeerati, P., Kornkanitnan, N., Sawangarreruks, S., Wanichacheva, N., Wainiphithapong, C., Sananwai, N. (2013). “Assessment of heavy metals in sediments of the Don Hoi Lot area in the Mae Klong estuary, Thailand.” Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A48(11): 1356-1364.