Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kanok-on Rayanil

Email: Rayanil,

Room: 314 Science Building 3

Tel.: 034-109686 ext. 207329

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Ph.D. (Chemistry) University of Missouri-Columbia, USA

B.Sc. (Chemistry) Silpakorn University, Thailand

Research Interest:

Isolation of bioactive compounds from natural products, natural product synthesis


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  • Pengnam, S., Wongprayoon, P., Limpachayaporn, P., Rayanil, K., P. (2022). “Synergistic activity of friedelan-3β-ol isolated from Euphorbia lactea and doxorubicin against MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell line.Science, Engineering and Health Studies, 16: 22050011.

  • Rayanil, K., Prempree, C., Nimgirawath, S. First total syntheses of natural phenanthrene alkaloids, uvariopsamine, noruvariopsamine, 8-hydroxystephenanthrine, 8-methoxyuvariopsine, thalihazine, and secophoebine, and their potential as antimalarial agents. (2022). Chemical & Pharmaceutical Bulletin, 70: 483-491.

  • Rayanil, K., Sutassanawichanna, W., Jantham, J., Jitkaroon, W., Obsuwan, K. Sanongkiet, K. (2022). “Phenanthrenes and bibenzyls from the stems of Dendrobium Sonia ‘Red Jo’ and their anti-inflammatory activity.” Srinakharinwirot University Journal of Science and Technology, 14 (27): 1-12.

  • Pootaeng-on, Y., Charoensuksai, P., Wongprayoon, P., Suwadee Jiajaroen, S., Chainok, K., Rayanil, K. (2020). “Miliusins; cytotoxic neolignans from the leaves of Miliusa sessilis.” Phytochemistry, 176: 112417. (ISI)

  • Rayanil, K., Sutassanawichanna, W., Suntornwat, O., Tuntiwachwuttikul, P. (2016). “A new dihydrobenzofuran lignan and potential α-glucosidase inhibitory activity of isolated compounds from Mitrephora teysmannii.” Natural Product Research, 30: 2675-2681.

  • Rayanil, K., Prempree, C., Nimgirawath, S. (2016). “The first total syntheses of (±) norphoebine dehydrophoebine oxophoebine dehydrocrebanine oxocrebanine and uthongine and their cytotoxicity against three human cancer cell lines.” Journal of Asian Natural Products Research, 18: 1042-1056.

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