Instrumentation and method of analysis

          Instrumentation and method of analysis are a study of chemistry that involves analyzing the components of substances, both qualitative and quantitative analysis, using modern instruments. These instruments examine the physical and chemical properties of the substances of interest and convert them into concentration. For example, the use of spectroscopy techniques […]

Supramolecular chemistry

       The research on Supramolecular chemistry involves in the interactions of Host-Guest chemistry or Lock-Key concept. The ‘host’ molecule possesses a binding site that is highly specific to a target analyte ‘guest’. Supramolecular chemistry plays an important role in a variety of applications such as molecular sensors. The molecular sensor consists of two […]

Natural product and organic synthesis

               Natural Product Chemistry is the field of research that investigates the process of extraction, isolation using chromatography and identification by spectroscopic methods of chemical constituents of living organism sources such as plants, animals, microorganisms, local herbs and agricultural waste. The chemical constituents can undergo derivatization and biological activity […]

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